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Toronto Ontario Canada Tel. 416 / 316-1014 (C)

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Over 15 years' experience as construction worker and labourer. Demonstrated reliability, efficiency and ability to satisfy customers. Extensive experience driving heavy vehicles.

Arcon Metal Processing, Richmond Hill (Greater Toronto)
Apr. 02 - pres.  Press Operator.
  • Demonstrated ability to positively affect employer's bottom line by (a) learning tasks and processes quickly, (b) following instructions implicitly and explicitly, (c) working efficiently.
  • Cited by superior for industry and punctuality.
  • However I go beyond this by motivating other workers to keep up with me. This makes the entire operation even more efficient.
  • Set up presses by tightening bolts and pulling dies onto bolsters.
  • Shape automotive parts using presses.
Highland Creek Patio Stone, Fireplace, Building Supply, Toronto
Mar. 00 - Dec. 01  Labourer.
  • Cited by superior for excellent customer service.
  • Operated dump trucks, forklifts, Bobcats and pail loaders.
Various Shipping/Receiving and Landscaping Organizations, Toronto
1999  Labourer. Demonstrated punctuality, reliability, and responsibility in performing wide range of duties.

Buckner's Construction, Toronto
1985-98  Supervisor, Masonry.

  • Drove full-sized van (1-ton vehicle, 1-ton load) extensively throughout Ontario, 9 years. Performed regular maintenance and repair of vehicle.
  • Demonstrated ability to satisfy residential customers in overlaying foundations with intricate stone work; laying stone sidewalks; and creating esthetic, artistic patterns. Accomplished by confirming specifications with customers in advance.
    • This way, I verified that contract matched instructions I had been given.
    • However, I took this a step further: as project progressed, I confirmed details with customers at every stage.
      • Thus, ensured time was not wasted on things the customer did not appreciate.
  • Oversaw work of two other masons.
  • Status: self-employed contractor serving above client exclusively.

Secondary School Diploma, Ontario, 1984

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